Organic Decadent Blend Chia and Flax Seed with Coconut and Cocoa by SPECTRUM ESSENTIALS, 12 oz

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Size: 12 OZ
Weight: 0.88 lbs
Dimensions: 9 × 6.5 × 6 in
Pack: 1 each


Organic Ground Chia Seed�, Dried Coconut, Organic Ground Flax Seed, Organic Alkalized Cocoa Powder�, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar�


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Spectrum essentials’ decandent chia blend combines organic ground flax seed with fair trade ground chia seed and high-quality cocoa powder for a rich supplement to your daily diet. Add a 2 tbsp. Serving to hot cereals, yogurt, smoothies, pudding, pancakes, waffles and baked goods every day to enjoy the full benefits. 1.5 g. Of omega-3 fatty acids helps support normal cardiovascular function and 3 g. Of dietary fiber helps support the normal fuction of the digestive system. Each light-protective 12 oz. Pouch has been flushed with an inert gas and sealed airtight. This process ensures that the decadent blend stays fresh and provides the optimum health benefits. See warning lable for risks and warnings.