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Dietary Supplement 120 Years of Quality & Purity 6 Years Old Mature Ginseng Root + Double Immune – Korean Red Ginseng & European Black Elderberry + Antioxidant Support + Liquid Formula GMO Free Caffeine Free All Natural Good Manufacturing Process – GMP Quality Assured CheongKwanJang World’s No.1 Ginseng Brand Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) is recognized worldwide as the #1 Ginseng Company for its excellence. Forged in tradition since 1899, we only grow and harvest our roots at their 6-year maturity, ensuring the optimal effects and full spectrum of beneficial compounds. For KGC quality comes first, and we manage our entire comprehensive process from initial planting to finished product to ensure this superior quality. Pride & Heritage Since 1899 Our brand CheongKwanJang is a culmination of two thousand years of history, over 120 years of KGC know-how, passion and craftsmanship. It has been the national gift from Korea’s president to other national leaders visiting Korea. We are extremely proud of our heritage and it is our mission to keep this tradition alive by introducing to customers worldwide. Korean Red Ginseng is known as a powerful adaptogenic herb with remarkable health benefits, especially immune support. It has been consumed for over two thousand years, and also recognized as a Superfood in Asia. At the world’s largest ginseng R&D facility, KGC has created unique formulas using our potent ginseng extract providing you with only the best ginseng has to offer. European Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is known for its antioxidant action and traditionally used for immune support in winter season. This product contains the extract equivalent to approximately 3 grams of European black elderberry fruit per serving. Supports: Healthy Immune Response Healthy Energy Levels & Fatigue Recovery Healthy Brain Function Healthy Blood Circulation Antioxidant Function

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