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Wild Sardines In Extra Virgin Olive Oil by WILD PLANET – Case of 12, 4.375 oz.

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SKU: HG0214478
UPC: 829696000800
Size: 4.4 OZ
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Dimensions: 8.8 × 7.8 × 2.6 in
Pack: Case of 12


Sardines (Sardinops Sagax Or Sardinops Melanostictus), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Sea Salt, Aqueous Natural Smoke


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Meaty and scale-free, our wild sardines have a firm texture and a delicious flavor. These nutritional powerhouses are packed in organic extra virgin olive oil with a touch of sea salt. Each 3oz serving has 18g of protein, 15% daily value of calcium, an average of 1,800mg of EPA and DHA Omega‑3s and is rich in iron and potassium. Our wild sardines are an easy and tasty way to eat lower on the food chain.
Ingredients: Sardines (Sardinops sagax or Sardinops melanostictus), organic extra virgin olive oil, water, sea salt, aqueous natural smokeFishing method: Single-species purse seine methods that virtually eliminate unintended bycatch. Any incidental bycatch of other species is fully retained and utilized. Nothing is discarded. FADs* are never used.Harvest Location: North Pacific Ocean, working with well-managed fisheries in Japan that practice sustainable harvesting of targeted free-swimming schools of sardines
*Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) are man-made objects that attract fish often outside of the targeted species causing unintentional bycatch

1 review for Wild Sardines In Extra Virgin Olive Oil by WILD PLANET – Case of 12, 4.375 oz.

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    Nancy Choi

    The Wild Sardines In Extra Virgin Olive Oil by WILD PLANET are a high-quality and flavorful choice. The shipping was fast, and the customer support provided was excellent. The product quality is exceptional, with the sardines packed in delicious extra virgin olive oil.


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