Best Supp Heart Collagen Mini by YOUTHEORY – 1 Each, 150 CT


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Heart Collagen + Resveratrol. + Clinically Supported Ingredients. + Helps Maintain Flexible Arteries. + Supports Healthy Blood Flow. + Replenishes Collagen. nutrients for a happy heartYoutheory Heart Collagen+ is a powerful blend of collagen, resveratrol and vitamin K2 that work together to revitalize blood vessels and keep blood flowing freely. This healthy heart formula features Veri-te, an all-trans resveratrol that is highly bioavailable in the body and studied for its cardiovascular effects. heart is made of collagen. Collagen is a critical component of the cardiovascular system, making up nearly 10% of the heart and 50% of blood vessels. Collagen is especially important for arteries, as it confers flexibility and allows for vasodilation. Flexible arteries are one of the best indicators of cardiovascular health and research shows that 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per day can significantly improve arterial flexibility. what is veri-te? Veri-te is a clinically proven, all-trans resveratrol made through fermentation. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant compound and is emerging as one of the most potent vasoactive nutrients in the marketplace. Studies show that Veri-Te resveratrol strengthens circulatory health through increased nitric oxide production. vitamin K2Vitamin K2 greatly improves heart health by optimizing calcium balance inside the body. K2 puts calcium in bones and removes calcium from arteries, where it can build up over time. K2 has been shown to help maintain arterial flexibility and support a healthy cardiovascular system as we age. clinically Supported. supports healthy blood flow. helps maintainflexible arteries. replenishes collagen. dairy free. soy free. no gluten ingredients.

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