Jeff Nathan Creations Jeff Nathan Creations Gluten Free Panko – Panko – Case of 12 – 14 oz.


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Tapioca Starch, Water, Potato Starch, Potato Flour, Palm Oil, Natural Vinegar, Honey, Egg Yolks, Salt, Herbs, Ground Garlic, Black Pepper


Panko flakes, a dry Japanese crumb breading is used as a coating for fish, seafood, meat and poultry recipes. Traditionally made from wheat based bread that’s shredded and dried, panko is unique in that the jagged little flakes absorb less oil than flour coatings. Another positive attribute of foods fried in panko flakes is that they resist sogginess as they cool. In my gluten eating days I enjoyed using panko flakes to make delicious fried dishes like “cracked conch,” a classic Caribbean seafood dish, so when I found Jeff Nathan’s Gluten Free Panko Flakes at my local market and after checking out the ingredients list, I was anxious to give this new gluten Free breading product a try. I wasn’t disappointed.

Weight12 lbs
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