Best Lumiram Full Spectrum 3 Way 50/100/150 watts – Frosted – 1 Light Bulb

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Color correct long life average 5000 hours medium base natural balanced light pure vivid colors the original full spectrum lamp from lumiram bright white light chromalux full spectrum lamps are made with pure neodymium, a rare earth element used in space age technology. Chromalux full spectrum lamps instantly create a people-pleasing oasis of pure natural light in living and work space. The pure light from scandinavia the chromalux bulb has its origin in finland, land of the midnight sun, where life must be sustained in almost total darkness for a few months of the year. Extensive research and testing there resulted in the design of this unique light source, which closely simulates natural sunlight. "Natural balanced light," originated with chromalux. This brings an aura of purity and freshness to colors, objects and surroundings. Chromalux bathes space with a pleasing, colorful and relaxing feeling that maximizes people's sense of well-being. Chromalux improves readability conditions, reduces eye strain and accommodates optimum visual comfort. A must for today's home, office or business. Chromalux fits any standard fixtures. Facts on chromalux: mimics natural light enhances reading comfort reveals natural colors and textures promotes well-being lasts longer
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