Best Cell Salts Flower Essentials Energy & Motivation by SIDDHA FLOWER ESSENCES – 1 Each, 1 FZ


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Active Ingredient Each Dose Contains Equal Parts Of: Calc Sulph 6X Hpus Purpose Anxious, Better In Open Air, Discontented, Full Of Fears Gentiana, Gentian, Amarella, Flos 5X Hpus Purpose Easily Discouraged, Doubtful, Skeptical Kali Phos 6X Hpus Purpose Lethargy, Physical Depression And Exhaustion Nat Mur 6X Hpus Purpose Great Debility, Hopeless Feelings About The Future Nat Phos 6X Hpus Purpose Feels Dull In The Morning, Despondent Nat Sulph 6X Hpus Purpose Ill Humor, Dislikes Conversation, Melancholy


Siddha cell salts + flower essentials energy & motivation is made with ingredients like calendula, cedar, comfrey green quartz, luffa, natural flavor, pennyroyal, pink yarrow, purified and structured water, rosa macrophylla, tourmaline and ulexite. Each 1 oz. Bottle contains our homeopathic formula, which temporarily relieves symptoms of exhaustion, indifference, hopelessness, physical fatigue, mental fatigue and morning dullness. See label for warnings and risks.

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