Best Beeswax Candles Lavender by WALLY’S NATURAL PRODUCTS, 4 Pack


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Wally’s Natural #1 selling ear candles provide deep relaxation that affect both mind and body. Ear candling is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that is easy to perform and beneficial to receive. Gentle warm air and soothing sounds funnel down the candle to create a relaxing atmosphere that helps you unwind, destress and feel at ease. Ear candling, known to have its historical roots, offers many benefits as it is not a new alternative therapy. Wally’s is the pioneer for bringing a natural approach on ear candling to the US which has been around for centuries. Each candle has an integrated no-drip safety filter and easy to light edge. All candle packaging provides easy to follow instructions in English and Spanish. Wally’s manufactures 3 types of candles: beeswax, paraffin and soy (vegan option) available in 3 scents: unscented, lavender and herbal.

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